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Microsoft Dream Space Collaboration

Posted on
May 14, 2024

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The team from Digi-ID are happy to invite Avista supported individuals to their Microsoft Dream Space collaborative event.
đź“… 21 May 2024
🏢 Microsoft Dream Space
đź•” 10:30AM-13:30PM
To learn more about Microsoft Dream Space Click Here

Are you ready to be part of something truly transformative inclusive education ? Whether you are an individual with intellectual disability (ID) seeking to enhance digital skills or an educator or service provider or company interested in learning about our ground-breaking resources to enhance quality of life through personal growth and professional development, this event is a must!

DigiAcademy is a programme co-designed with, for and taught by people with intellectual disabilities. The goal of DigiAcademy is to empower learners to thrive in education and in the modern workforce.

Following registration, the event will commence with a welcoming address and an introduction to DigiAcademy, where attendees will have the opportunity to meet our teachers and witness live demonstrations. Next, we will be learning together about online safety and AI through interactive activities .

Lunch will be provided afterwards

If you want to attend the event Click Here to Register  
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