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DigiAcademy Orientation and Onboarding Day

Posted on
March 14, 2024

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On Monday March 4th, Dr. Esther Murphy, Athi Ralarala and Damian O’Rourke from DigiAcademy Trinity College Dublin, were welcomed to Avista  Dublin.

DigiAcademy is an inclusive e-learning platform, to support people learn digital skills via accessible video courses.

It was co-designed with people with accessibility needs to ensure it’s inclusive to everyone.

They spent the day meeting individuals who were interested in joining DigiAcademy.

Amy Fulcher, Avista Dublin is one of DigiAcademy’s teachers, she along with the other members of the DigiAcademy team  demonstrated the platform, answered questions, got some ideas from participants to include in the platform. There was great engagement and enthusiasm on the day.

A number of learners from Avista Dublin have signed up to the DigiAcademy e-learning platform.

The DigiAcademy team are looking forward to their upcoming visit to Avista Limerick

To see some photos of the day Click Here.





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