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Happy St. Vincent Day

Posted on
September 26, 2023

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Wednesday September 27th is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul. We celebrate and reflect on his life, and what his work means for our core values today.

St Vincent de Paul lead a life defined by service, respect and justice. Having studied and worked as a chaplain and tutor, St Vincent  became a parish priest in Clichy, France. During this time, he became aware of the marginalisation experienced by disadvantaged people in his community. St Vincent then decided to devote his time to serve disadvantaged community members by providing food and comfort.

In his mission to support marginalised people, St Vincent joined with St Louise de Marillac to set up the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul – an organisation that worked alongside those in need to provide them with food, shelter and healthcare.

Today, St Vincent de Paul’s legacy can be seen in many charitable organisations across the world, as well as in the foundations of Avista.

To mark St Vincent’s day, Eve Roseingrave, Values Co-ordinator invites all supported individuals and staff members to participate in an act of charity to celebrate our core value of service. Charity comes from a spirit of generosity, today, Eve invites everyone to complete an act of generosity through giving their time, gratitude, or encouragement to someone else.

Acts of charity/generosity can include:

  • Spending 5 minutes extra with someone
  • Making someone a cup of tea
  • Sharing a joke
  • Lending a listening ear
  • Saying thank you

Eve welcomes everyone to print out our ‘Take what you can give’ Click Here

or to design your own Click Here

Have some fun together guided by the spirit of generosity and our core value of service.

Here are some quotes to celebrate St Vincent’s Day Click Here

Please let us know how you celebrated St Vincent’s day by sharing pictures or stories with Eve [email protected]  or Claire Sheeran [email protected]

Happy St Vincent’s Day to all.


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