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First Fortnight

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January 7, 2024

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First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health stigma through arts and cultural action.

First Fortnight hosts a mental health, arts and culture festival throughout January, throughout Ireland.

The festival celebrates the arts as a powerful event to start conversations around mental ill health and challenges the stigma associated with mental ill-health.

The festival hopes to make the beginning of each year associated with mental health awareness, actively challenging prejudices, and getting rid of the stigma surrounding mental health.

Throughout the year, First Fortnight operates a Centre for Creative Therapies. The Centre provides the highest standard of free Creative Therapies—including art therapy, music therapy, and drama therapy—to children, adolescents, and adults currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Join us this January for First Fortnight 2024 with events across art forms including poetry, music, textile art, and theatre.

To access more information on events you can visit First Fortnight Website Click Here


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