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July 3, 2023

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On Tuesday June 20th a group of supported individuals from Avista Dublin participated in an Inclusive Community Event. It was an incredible event where over 100 participants of all ages and abilities who came together to create a beautiful piece of art. Everyone participated in a shared effort expressing themselves through dance, painting and drawing on a very large floor canvas. The event celebrated the power of collaboration and promoted inclusivity within the local community

The event was organised by our services (Carmen Martinez, Sports, Leisure and Recreation Coordinator in St. Vincent’s Centre, Dublin) and received support from both Dublin City Council and Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing.

The event showcased the power of collaboration as our local community came together,  and fully embraced the project by putting aside our differences . It was truly inspiring to witness such a diverse range of individuals with different ages and abilities from various organisations and community groups, including AVISTA, St. Vincent’s Centre Adults and Children Services(DEC), Dublin City Council, Dublin City Sports and Wellbeing Partnership, Holy Family School for the Deaf, Cabra for Youth Group, Cabra Sketchers, Cabra Golden Wonders Group, Cabra Pickleball group, Cabra Early Learning Centre, students from FAI, the management and staff of Cabra Parkside Community Sports Centre, Nicole Pringle, our participant Artist, Kieran Whelan, our photographer for the day, all joining forces in the spirit of inclusivity. With around 100 participants divided into three mixed groups, it exceeded our expectations.

The result of everyone’s hard work is a stunning piece of artwork. This artwork will be divided and given to all the stakeholders involved. Carmen wishes to say a big Thank You and gratitude to all the participants from our services who embraced the day a truly special project, she would also like to thank St. Vincent’s management team and the staff of Day Services for their support throughout the project.

To see some photos from the event Click Here

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