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Michael’s Smart Phone Skills Videos

Posted on
October 13, 2022

Latest News

Michael Losty has started his weekly Smart Phone skills sessions on the E-Hub. Along with the sessions Michael has developed a series of short videos to support people develop skills to use their smart phones. There are three videos on using an Android smart phone and three videos on using an iPhone.

Each week we will be sharing a video with you, Michael will have covered the topic in the session that week.

Week 1 Putting your Android on silent, loud and vibrate. To watch the video Click Here
Week 2 Turning your Android phone On or Off. To watch the video Click Here
There are four more videos, we will share them over the next few weeks.

The videos are also available in the video section on the E-Hub.

Michael will be commencing a new 4 week course on iPhones on Thursday November 3rd at 2pm. If you are interested in attending the course please email Michael and Donna at [email protected]
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