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St. Brigid’s Day

Posted on
January 31, 2024

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Thursday February 1st is St. Brigid’s Day, she is the patron saint of Ireland.

St. Brigid was the head nun who founded the important abbey of Kildare and other convents.

She is patroness of many things, including poetry, learning, healing, protection, blacksmithing, livestock and dairy production. In her honour, a fire is kept burning at Kildare for centuries.

The saint’s feast day is 1 February, and traditionally it involves weaving involves weaving Brigid’s crosses and many other folk customs.

Originally February 1st was a pre-Christian festival called Imbolc, marking the beginning of spring and is associated with new life and fertility.

Festivals and events will be held across the country, including the making of St Brigid’s crosses, which are made from rushes or straw.

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