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St Patrick’s Day Parade – St Vincent’s Navan Road

Posted on
March 10, 2022

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St Patrick’s Day Parade – St Vincent’s Navan Road

Just a quick reminder that the deadline to sign up to the parade is Friday 11th March please see entry form and poster of full details of the event in attachment.
We have decided to give medals to the people who participate and we have three trophies for the best three.


Carmen Martinez will playing music at the finish line if you have signed up to participate and would like a particular song played for your group as you pass the finish like please email your request to myself to [email protected]
If any areas could free up some volunteers to help us on the day it would be great!
There will also be a trolley going around at the end of the parade collecting donations to support Ukraine
You can donate:

• Tinned foods
• Battery Packs
• Bandages
• Hygiene products
• Baby toiletries
• Paracetamol
• Sleeping bags
*No clothes or Blankets
if you don’t get a chance to donate on the day a box will be left in the Galvin building after the parade for a couple of weeks. When the box is filled we will drop it off at the nearest community collection point supporting Ukrainian Refugees.

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