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Posted on
September 26, 2022

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Our submission calls on government to:

1. Provide Accessible Housing Options For 280+ People In Dublin, Limerick, North Tipperary to allow people with intellectual disabilities live their best lives, as per H.S.E’s ‘Time to Move On’ policy.
2. Improve Cost Of Living to help attract and retain sufficient staff to address pressing recruitment and retention challenges affecting service delivery across disability services.
3. Publish the Disability Capacity Review Action Plan. We are continuing to call for the urgent publication of the Disability Capacity Review Action Plan to help us provide quality services for adults and children.
4. Prioritise Long Term Planning For Every Individual. For the majority of primary carers in their 70’s and 80’s the current avenue for individuals to access residential support is in an emergency. A reduction in emergency situations would result in better outcomes for the person and lower costs for the state .

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