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June 7, 2024

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Today, Friday 7th of June, the polling stations will open for voting.


Avista would like to wish everyone the best of luck casting their vote today, we hope you enjoy exercising your right to vote!

You will find the name of your polling station on your polling card. If you haven’t received a polling card, you can checktheregister.ie.


  • Each person’s polling station will be listed on their polling card.
  • All voters should bring a form of ID to the polling station.
  • Polling stations are open until 10pm today
  • If someone needs support to mark their ballot card, a companion can provide this support in the polling booth. Support can also be provided by the presiding officer at the polling station.
Here are some resources that you might find helpful.

1. See easy read document from Inclusion Ireland to help you support individuals on the day Click Here  

2. For more information about support available to voters, please see theinclusion Ireland resource on votingattached and visit the electoral commission website on accessible voting  Accessible voting – Electoral Commission

3. For an accessible video that shows how to vote at a polling station, click here – How to vote in the elections on 7 June on Vimeo

From the Right to Vote Roadshow team, we hope all who choose to, enjoy exercising their right to vote.

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